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We Know What Works

The official hub for hundreds of innovative and professional-quality software applications that are safe for personal and small business use.
Safe from toolbars, adware, spyware, and other garbage packed in.
A reputable distributor of licenses on-site business applications.
One of the internet’s most active fora for software connoisseurs.
One of just a handful of the world’s microdonation-based sites, where you can request custom-made freeware.

Who we are


Berry social is the leading platform for free software downloads for all your search engine and Operating system. Berry Social is known for its safety and reliability, so there’s no need to think about malware or bundled bloatware or junkware. Later run the same installer script, and berry social will upgrade each program automatically. Our softwares are updated daily, cleaned, and malware-free programs, but rest assured they are the latest version.
We also have a stellar reputation and an easy-to-use guide searching for applications and drivers of all sorts painless — whether on Windows, Macos , Linux, Android, iOS, or Windows Phone. Our website focuses on stocking only the latest and most valuable program and ensuring they are both safe and free of malware and viruses. It’s fun to discover popular solutions to popular schemes.
No matter the type of software you are looking for, you can find it here at berrysocial. We are working on building a social network that is user-friendly and can help you relate closely with a community of the same interests as you. Whether it’s for social or business purposes, berrysocial ensures you are well covered and can access links, products, ideas, and information that you need in one pool.

Our Vision


To become the number one social search provider worldwide for everything related to the system. To make the latest software and program accessible to the world.

Our Mission

To be a website accessible for all uploads of various common services, programs, and browsers

Our Strategy



We aim to create a socially responsible online presence when it comes to searchability, brand awareness, community growth, and access to applications.